Can You Look At These 14 Fried Chicken Gifs Without Licking Your Screen?


By Cooking Panda

National Fried Chicken Day is one of our favorite food holidays. If it was even reasonably healthy, we’d eat fried chicken for every meal, because it might just be the tastiest food of all time.

We dream about it raining fried chicken. Don’t tell anyone.

Even the process of making it is totally mesmerizing.

Take a good hard look at this perfectly crispy on the outside, moist on the inside fried chicken. Are you drooling yet?

This chicken enters a pot of oil, innocent and softly breaded, but in a few minutes, it will emerge victorious, crispy and irresistible.

Look at how beautifully it sizzles.

Almost ready to eat!

Flip it with pride.

We’d devour that whole pile in minutes.

Let’s not forget about this match made in heaven.

Seriously delicious.

And look at how cute and scrumptious these little chicken and waffle bites are.

Are you hungry yet?

Go ahead. Enjoy some fried chicken today.

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Featured Photo Credit: cupcakeproject/Instagram

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