Can You Guess Which City In The World Drinks The Most Wine?


By Cooking Panda

Parisians reportedly drink more wine than the residents of any other city in the world, according to research conducted by France’s INSEEC business school, which has campuses located in Bordeaux, Chambery, and “The World Capital of Wine” itself.

The results of this study were compiled with data from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, in case any of us thought that the data may have perhaps come from a biased source.

“INSEEC’s wine and spirits institute compiled the data using OIV wine consumption estimates and also population figures,” as explained by Decanter. “INSEEC’s original chart put consumption in millions of hectolitres. One hectolitre equals 100 litres.”

According to statistics, Parisians consume the equivalent of 697 million bottles of wine every year. In other words, that’s over a bottle of wine per person over the age of 15 per week — about 69 bottles per year.

However, according to Decanter, this data may have possibly been affected by Paris’ vast tourism industry, as many visitors to the City of Lights combine wine and travel.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is number two on the list, with a total consumption equaling approximately 457 million bottles per year, or 32.2 liters per year per person over the age of 15.

The Ruhr industrial zone of Germany, which was grouped as one area for the sake of this clearly groundbreaking research, ranked in third place with 385 million bottles per year, or 28.5 liters per year per person.

London and New York ranked in fourth and fifth place, respectively, with 369 million and 308 million bottles. However, while that number translates to 24.7 liters per person in London, the average amount per person in New York is reportedly less than half that amount: 12.1 liters per person.  

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As the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, that could have possibly affected the position of the U.S. cities on the list. Los Angeles, the only other U.S. city on the list, ranked at number seven. Residents of Los Angeles consume 241 million bottles a year, which results in a similar amount per adult as in New York: 12.1 liters.

Three Italian cities made the list: Milan, Naples, and Rome, numbers six, eight, and ten, respectively. Combined, on a per capita basis, they would be equivalent to second place after Paris.

Madrid came in number nine, with 181 million bottles per year or 25.2 liters per person.

Source: Decanter / Photo credit: The Art Bistro

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