Calming Bacon Gifs To Get You Through Hump Day


By Cooking Panda

Bacon is the smoky, savory (and sometimes sweet) patron saint of indulgent eating. If the chewy, crackly strips of heaven were even remotely healthy, we’d eat it every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert without regret.

Really, is it possible to tire of this divine dish? Look at this beauty:

In honor of our favorite fatty snack, we have a special treat this week to get you through Hump Day. We think you can guess what it is…

That’s right! Delicious bacon. Can you really resist it when it bubbles and crackles like that?

Chewy? Crunchy? Whatever your preference, we won’t judge you.

Look how perfectly bacon complements this breakfast — and you know the egg will taste better after cooking in that smoky fat:

Maybe you like your bacon a little more lean? Whatever floats your boat!

Check out these breathtaking bubbles:

Don’t forget to flip it:

The most important ingredient in any sandwich:

It even makes your vegetables taste better.

Your steak, too.

Seriously, bacon goes perfectly on anything.



Here, have a plate all to yourself.

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Photo credit: Dennis Brown/Wikimedia Commons

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