Caffeine Crackdown: Starbucks Is Raising Its Prices This July


By Cooking Panda

Starbucks has been forced to prematurely announce that it will be raising prices on select beverages later this month, after it accidentally implemented the planned annual price hikes into its computer system too soon.

According to the company’s July 1 press release:

“On July 12, Starbucks is planning a small price increase on select beverages. Unfortunately, that price adjustment was prematurely entered into the point of sale systems [July 1] in our U.S. company-operated stores. As a result, some customers were charged incorrectly. The maximum any customer could have been overcharged is 30 cents per beverage.” 

“The error has been corrected and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience,” the release adds. “If a customer believes this mistake impacted the price of their beverage, we encourage them to please contact Starbucks Customer Service at 1-800-782-7282, and we will gladly make this right.”

This will mark Starbucks’ third price increase in three years, despite declining coffee costs.

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Sources: StarbucksConsumerist / Photo credit: Starbucks Coffee/Instagram

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