Butterball’s Turkey Hotline Gets An Upgrade


By Cooking Panda

As holiday season approaches, Butterball Turkey has to start bracing itself and planning early for a barrage of turkey-cooking questions that will inevitably come their way.

This year, however, they are a step ahead. For the first year ever, Butterball will be available for all of your turkey-cooking questions via text. Surprised that they get a lot of calls? According to Business Insider, Butterball’s talk line co-directors Sue Smith and Nicole Johnson say that the call volume is actually increasing each year, even with the ability most of us have to Google all of our questions.

Smith and Johnson say that many calls revolve around the turkey preparation. Some callers forgot to thaw the turkey, or some callers might not know how to roast it (isn’t that on the packaging?). There’s even one lady who has consistently called over the years for a one-to-one pep talk before cooking the turkey. Now that, I can understand.

About 50 experts answer hot line phones each season, and they take over 100,000 calls every year.

With the addition of texting availability, Butterball hopes to curb some of this call volume in an effort to be more easily reachable. It’s their way of responding to consumer demand. Let’s face it, the time of calling and talking on the phone is coming to an end, and texting is the future. Butterball is just keeping with the times!

Tasting Table reports that the call lines this year will be open from Nov. 17-24, and the number to text is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Likewise, if you’re feeling old school, you can call that number instead.

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If you’re cooking the bird this year, this should be some fabulous news for you. Butterball is staying current with these new changes, and the new option to text our questions will most likely be much appreciated, and will probably become very popular.

Let’s cook our turkeys the new, young and hip way and have the direction texted right to our phones! We can even start practicing on Nov. 17!

Sources: Tasting Table, Business Insider / Photo credit: Missy's Product Reviews

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