Burger King’s New Froot Loops Shake Looks So Dreamy


By Cooking Panda

I’m not drooling — you’re drooling!

It’s no secret that one of McDonald’s biggest downfalls is that for some ineffable reason, its freaking McFlurry machines always seem to be broken. Whenever I’m with a friend who has a hankering for the iconic frozen treat, I know there’s about a 15 percent chance that they’ll actually get their hands on one.

So perhaps Burger King knows about the ubiquitous broken McDonald’s machines, and that’s why the fast food chain is stepping in and offering its own brand new frozen treat: A Froot Loops milkshake.

That’s right; Today reports that for a limited time starting on April 17, participating Burger King establishments will begin offering vanilla soft-serve with generous helpings of crushed-up Froot Loops cereal inside of it. The entire concoction will be mixed together with a sweet sauce, just in case it wasn’t indulgent and heavenly sounding enough on its own.

The $2.99 treat will also be topped with whipped cream, and looks like one of the most whimsical and delicious new frozen dessert options ever!

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