Burger King Is Swapping Your Unwanted Gifts For Whoppers


By Cooking Panda

Burger King has come up with a creative idea for relieving you of your unwanted Christmas gifts this year. Now, you can exchange that (unintentionally) ugly sweater for a Whopper, with Burger King’s Whopper Exchange campaign!

What else were you going to do with it, anyway? Thrillist reports that the exchange will take place in a few specific locations around the globe on Dec. 26. More specifically, locations in Miami, London and Brazil will be participating.

The point of this campaign isn’t convenience (since most of us don’t live in those areas). Rather, it’s about making good use of these gifts. They will be donated to charities, which is better than spending a day in the exchange line or searching for gift receipts. Do something more valuable with these items!

According to a Burger King press release, the hours this offer will be available in Miami are from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call your Burger King to double check the hours if you’re living in London or Brazil.

The thought behind this campaign is admirable, to say the least. “At Burger King Restaurants, we are always looking for ways to surprise our fans, no matter if they were good or naughty,” says spokesman Fernando Machado. “The Whopper Exchange will offer our guests the chance to get a flame-grilled gift in exchange for an unwanted one. Because this holiday season, we want everyone to receive something they will love.”

As awesome as this is, what about those of us who don’t live in those areas? Burger King has at least given us a good idea for what we could be doing with our unwanted gifts. Just because we don’t like them doesn’t mean someone else won’t, after all. We also get another chance to get something from the King. The first 100 fans to post a picture of their unwanted gift on Twitter with the hashtag #WhopperExchange will receive a surprise from BK.

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Then again, that would mean publicly posting a picture of a gift you don’t like … for your family and friends to see. I guess if you choose this route, you can’t make a secret of not liking your gift!

Sources: Thrillist, Burger King Press Release / Photo Credit: McKinley Hill/Facebook

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