Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn Has Been Introduced To The World For Reasons We Do Not Understand


By Cooking Panda

The only issue with candy corn — those yellow and orange beacons of sugary Halloween hope — is that eating it throughout the year is not a norm.

Until now.

Masterful candy maker Brach’s has introduced a frightening line of brunch-flavored candy corn, acceptable but perhaps not desirable to consume year-round. For the modest price of $2.50 a bag, you can indulge in waxy renditions of French toast with maple syrup, waffles and strawberries, and chocolate chip pancakes. 

Writers at PopSugar gave the flavors a try, and reviews ranged from “pretty good” to “I did not like those period.” So there is really no way to go into the situation feeling prepared.

We can take considerable comfort, though, in their sentiment that the French toast candy corn’s aroma is reminiscent of a maple pancake Yankee candle.

“Brunch Favorites” candy corn is certainly out there, but this isn’t the first time Brach’s has ventured beyond their nutritionally questionable mixture of sugar, corn syrup and wax. They’ve previously doled out delights like sea salt chocolate, caramel macchiato and s’mores candy corns, all of which are reviewed in detail here.

The limited-edition, 15-ounce bag will be available at Target come Halloween, but you can snag them online, too. 

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Source: PopSugar / Photo credit: Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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