Blue Wine Is Now A Thing (Video)


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In addition to red, white, and rose wines, we now have an entirely new color to choose from (video below).

Gik Live, a Spanish startup that claims to “represent the innovative side of life,” has developed a blue wine.

“Actually, none of us liked wine, so we decided to make something that we liked,” Artiz Lopez, the 22-year-old co-founder and advertising and public relations student, told Cadena Ser, in Spanish.

As Spain is known for its renowned wines, the founders of Gik wanted to change the attitudes that are often associated with the industry. Lopez jokingly said that he and his colleagues, all of whom are in their 20s, “had always wanted to shake things up.”

“The wine world seemed ideal because it hasn’t changed in centuries,” Lopez explained. “We do not like the atmosphere that surrounds [the wine industry], that obsession with the destination of origin, or the idea that only a few are equipped to enjoy it.”

The wine, which contains 11.5 percent alcohol, was developed along with the University of Basque Country and AZTI Tecnalia, a food research firm. Both red and white grapes were gathered from vineyards throughout the country to create the colorful beverage. Although the company prides itself on its rebellious spirit, it has fully abided by the standards and high quality controls set by the European Union.

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The blue pigment is extracted in part from anthocyanin found in the peel of the grapes, which was discovered during the wine production process.

“Someone described our product as blasphemy, but we don’t mind being blasphemous,” Lopez said.

Gik wine costs about $11 a bottle and is already available throughout Spain, mostly in Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country, and in tourist areas along the coast. Several suggestions for cocktails using the wine are available on the company’s official website, such as “Russian Nights” and “Arctic Flower.”

“People either love it or hate it,” said a spokesperson for the company.

The wine will soon be available in the U.K., France, the Netherlands, and Germany, but customers outside of Spain can currently order the “innovative” beverage by contacting the company directly. Check out the video below to see the wine in action. It’s all in Spanish, but it’s worth it for how pretty it looks.

Sources: Cadena Ser, Gik Live / Photo credit: giklive/Instagram via Metro

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