Ben & Jerry’s Releasing 3 New Flip-Takes On Classic Flavors (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If you know your Ben & Jerry’s, you know that the ice cream magnates are constantly teasing and then unleashing new flavor combinations to their adoring public (video below).

In fact, their output is so prolific that they were even forced to establish a flavor graveyard to commemorate their dearly de-pinted (rest in power, Schweddy Balls).

But even their less successful ventures haven’t prevented the iconic duo from continuing their legacy of ice cream innovation — and their new venture is sure to make loyal fans everywhere flip.

On May 4, Ben & Jerry’s announced that participating scoop shops nationwide will be taking a handful of classic flavors and giving them a full Flavor Flip.

First up? Totally Baked, a fresh new flip-take on the cult classic flavor Half Baked. As their press release describes:

“We took those scrumptious little gobs of cookie dough from Half Baked, baked them and swapped them into chocolate ice cream and put the brownies into the vanilla ice cream instead. Voila: a new masterpiece. Totally.”

Now, before you get out your mourning gear and book your trip to the flavor graveyard (no, not to the digital one — the one they erected in real life — yes, really), don’t worry. None of the classic flavors are going anywhere; Half Baked will continue to be sold on the shelves while its Flavor Flip counterpart will be available for a limited time in certain Scoop Shops.

“We know that our classic flavors have been bringing fans joy for many years and we wanted to mix things up a bit,” Flavor Guru Eric Fredette told PRNewswire. “This was a simple but fun way to create a new flavor by using the same euphoric flavor profiles our fans have grown to love.”

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In typical, mysterious Ben & Jerry’s fashion, the next two flavors will be revealed to the public and become available in scoop shops later this spring and summer. 

Until then, make sure to check out their interactive Multimedia News Release below:

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Sources: Ben & Jerry’sPRNewswire / Photo credit: Ben & Jerry’s

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