Beef Has Nothing On These 6 Meatless Tacos


By Cooking Panda

Just because cutting out meat saves you a lot of money and calories doesn’t mean you should feel like you are giving anything up. We have some crazy good next-level veggie tacos that won’t even feel a little like a sacrifice, and they might just make you forget about meat entirely.

Note: If you don’t do dairy, feel free to top your tacos with homemade cashew crema, vegan queso or cotija-like raw almond cheese.

1. Best Tofu Tacos

Because you have to start with the basics, and you can’t deny that tofu tacos are surprisingly super delicious. For ultimate crispiness, we recommend cutting the tofu into small cubes first and tossing with taco seasoning (make your own here), oil, a little veggie bouillon, and either citrus or vinegar (preferably something mild or spiced).

Throw the tofu in the skillet and stir/flip carefully (to keep the pieces from crumbling) and frequently until the pieces are a deep golden brown all over. If you are already going outside, consider grilling your tofu instead (recipe here).

It’s super delicious and easy! If you’re worried about the tofu sticking or crumbling, wrap it up in foil first. You’ll still get that awesome grilled flavor.

2. Panko Baked Avocado Tacos

We all know that avocados are the best food in the world. Tossed in panko crumbs, baked, and paired with quick-pickled radishes, cilantro and lime juice? We’re not saying you can improve upon perfection, but this is pretty darn close.

3. Roasted Red Onion and Potato Tacos

If potato tacos sound bland or boring to you, then you are not doing them right. These tacos are so delicious that you don’t even need to smother them with toppings to be satisfied.

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4. Portobello Bulgogi Korean Tacos

The mushroom tacos are sweet, spicy and salty, just like their beefy counterparts. We’re not saying you need to rush home early to make these right this second, but we’re also not saying not to do that.

5. Spicy Plantain Black Bean Tacos

Plantains make pretty much everything better. Why not caramelize them with some black beans for a sweet, spicy, flavorful and filling meal?

6. Squash Tempura Tacos

The recipe uses acorn squash, but you can use pretty much anything similar you can get your hands on – butternut, delicata, kabocha – even sweet potato would be fine.

Featured Photo Credit: Avocado A Day Nutrition

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