Baskin Robbins’ Halloween Flavors Sound Amazing!


By Cooking Panda

Baskin Robbins is bringing back the classic seasonal favorite, Trick Oreo Treat this year as the October flavor of the month, but we also get to try a new, darker version this time.

October 2016 will be the month of Baskin Robbins’ Trick Oreo Treat Dark ice cream. Brand Eating reports that this flavor features chocolate ice cream with orange cream-filled Oreos, Baby Ruth and Butterfinger pieces, and a dark fudge ribbon.  Basically, this “dark” version is a twist on their regular seasonal favorite, where they are substituting chocolate ice cream for vanilla and adding a ribbon of fudge. Let’s face it, anything’s better if you add chocolate to it.

Try ordering it in a doughnut sandwich to really do it right.

In a press release, Baskin Robbins says they’re constantly looking for ways to surprise guests, and therefore they’re also very excited to be introducing another delicious treat for 2016: the Pinata Pumpkin Patch cake.

Another spin on a classic, the original cake has now been filled with a candy center to better capture the spirit of Halloween. If you aren’t familiar with it in its original form, it is an ice cream cake painted like a jack-o-lantern, and the actual type of ice cream used for the ice cream cake is customizable, so choose the flavor you like best and let your guests be surprised when they cut into it and candy cascades out!

These fun new Halloween flavors are available only during October, so make sure and try them before time is up.

On Oct. 31, Baskin Robbins will be celebrating its 70th birthday with a special promotion of one scoop of any ice cream for only $1.31, so if you lose track of time and wait until the last minute to try the new flavor, this would be a good time to do it! 

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Sources: Brand Eating, Baskin Robbins / Photo credit: Brand Eating

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