Bartender Caught Off Guard By What Customer Wrote In Tip Line Of Receipt (Photo)


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Restaurant workers at a farm-to-table restaurant in Phoenix had to make a bank run when their shift ended after a notoriously generous tipper left them his biggest tip yet — $11,000.

The man, who is rumored to be PayPal vice president Jack Selby, reportedly visited Crudo with a woman just as it was closing shop and ordered a few Pappy Van Wrinkle 23 cocktails, reports The Arizona Republic. After receiving a bill for $331.40, they left the bartender and servers $1,000.

And then they decided that just wasn’t generous enough.

The couple reportedly closed that check and ordered another round of drinks. Their new bill came out to $89.89 – and on it they left an astounding $10,000 tip.

Bartender Clint Spotleson says he nearly dropped the glasses in his hands when he saw the number on the check. He shared the tip money with another bartender, a cocktail server and kitchen staff and says he closed the restaurant at around 1 a.m. and was back seven hours later to work the brunch shift.

The mystery tipper has been to Crudo before and frequents other establishments in the area, where it is rumored he leaves tips of between 250 and 600 percent of his bills. He also maintains an Instagram account called Tips for Jesus, in which he says he is “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.” His account has more than 83,000 followers.

The tipper reportedly pays for all of his bills with an exclusive American Express Centurion Card.

Source: The Arizona Republic/Photo Credit: The Arizona Republic

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