Baker Loses Glasses, Found In Bottom Of Baked Good (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

On April 6, Redditor MyLoveBox posted a picture of a delicious-looking golden brown loaf with a hilarious surprise.

“Baker lost something…wonder he noticed or not,” the redditor posted.

In the photo, a pair of glasses, presumably belonging to the baker, can be clearly seen baked into the bottom of the loaf.

“Same as those poor people who were turned into brick blocks in Mario,” said lurkerthowaway845.

Although the glasses held up well against the heat of the oven, the lenses slightly melted and some redditors have noticed there appears to be no nose pads.

“Hmm, can’t really see the little parts that lay on the bridge of your nose, unless this is an all metallic frame that is already contoured for the wearer’s nose,” observed Wiknetti. “The lenses definitely melted, I just noticed the little droops on the upper part of the lenses. The frame still looks like it’s in good shape though!”

Some comments admitted their own mishaps with glasses, and the possibility that the baker may indeed have no clue where they are.

“Dropped glasses hanging from my button downs and polos all the time, without hearing them fall this Baker didn’t have a clue where his/her glasses went!” said NagNella.

Throughout the thread, redditors had a blast coming up with any bread-related pun they could manage.

“Wow he must have a lot of money to just throw away glasses,” said The_Jizzbot. “He must be rolling in dough. Or maybe he did not knead them.”

“Way to rise to the occasion!” wrote ThatMotherFluxer. “This guy sure knows how to make a spectacle out of his product – but without these glasses he may get a headache and need some ibuloafen.”

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If nothing else, the humor in this situation has been definitely appreciated by fellow redditors.

“It’s the yeast they can do to keep comments good,” said HTGeorge10.

Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Reddit

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