Baileys Debuts New Vegan Almande Liqueur


By Cooking Panda

The shift toward plant-based foods and beverages is still trending, and Baileys is the latest company to hop on the dairy-alternative bandwagon with its newest creation.

Starting next month, vegan and lactose-free folks will be able to indulge in Baileys new Almande Almondmilk Liqueur, a dairy-free option made with sweet almond oil, cane sugar, and vanilla, according to the company’s website.

Baileys is known for its famous Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueurs, which are decidedly non-vegan options; however, according to My Vegan Journal, a representative of the brand reportedly shared that the decision to create a dairy-free liqueur originated with the higher demand for plant-based foods. It’s what customers are requesting, and Baileys wants to “get with the times.”

Baileys recommends serving the new spirit over crushed ice, mixing it with coconut water, or even blending it into a frozen frappe (recipes courtesy of the website below). The light tasting spirit is also gluten free, making it a truly accessible product for many consumers.

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Sources: My Vegan Journal, Baileys / Photo credit: Baileys

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