ATTENTION BEYHIVE: You Have The Wrong Rachel!


By Cooking Panda

It all started April 23, when Beyonce (in typical, flawless form) surprise-released her stunning sixth studio album Lemonade on Tidal; hours later, the Beyhive got in formation and swarmed celebrity chef and talk-show host Rachael Ray’s Instagram page with insults.

But why?​

You see, many fans have interpreted a lyric from the album’s song “Sorry” to address the alleged affair of the famed singer’s husband, Jay Z, with Rachel Roy, a woman who was married to Jay Z’s former business partner and manager Damon Dash from 2005 to 2009. But, as the Daily News reports, when Beyonce’s loyal fan-base went online-hunting for Roy, they mistakenly ended up on Ray’s food-centric Instagram page instead.

Fans left comments on Ray’s photos that ranged from straight-up outrage on behalf of Beyoncé to speculation about Jay Z’s figure in relation to Ray’s cooking.

“Now we can see why Jay cant get skinny,” commented @dannyryry.

Others focused more on the time it must have taken Ray to whip up her culinary treats:

Some swore off chicken fajitas and chili in the name of their Queen:

Still more offered culinary tips:

And finally, many came just to express their disappointment:

Luckily, some innocent fans of the chef recognized what was going on, and came to Ray’s defense, pointing out the Beyhive’s misdirected anger.

“Dang all this lady is trying to do is make brunch and people are dragging her for no reason #ThisIsTheWrongRachael,” commented a user named Mama Maia.

The right Rachel Roy reportedly made her Instagram account private after the release of Lemonade, although she did tweet, “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind,” reports The Daily News.

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Still, something tells us Roy won’t be ordering any “side” dishes with her meals any time soon…

Sources: rachaelray/Instagram, The Daily News / Photo credit: via She Knows

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