Anthony Bourdain Can’t Get Over His Saddest Meal


By Cooking Panda

Anthony Bourdain visits Conan O’Brien’s late night show to discuss fast food, and how sad Johnny Rockets can make him.

In the video below, you’ll see how Bourdain reacts at the mention of fast food. Sometimes, he says, when he’s in a “bad decision-making period of the evening,” he’ll get a craving for it. In this particular anecdote, Bourdain tells us he will sometimes want to go out for “the Colonel,” which we all know to be KFC. “It’s not the chicken at the Colonel,” he says he’s hungry for, it’s that mac’n’cheese that we all find irresistible. As he goes on to explain it, it doesn’t sound so tasty and crave-worthy: “it’s that-that orange, bright orange, I’m not even sure it’s cheese — it’s some sort of weird glowing orange color…”

Bourdain says he goes out with a hoodie on to cover his face and hopes he won’t be recognized, but it always happens on his way out (when he thinks he’s escaped!) that someone stops him and asks for a picture together. Poor Bourdain, can’t even enjoy his KFC mac’n’cheese fix in private.

He compares the experience of getting caught buying fast food with the feeling of getting caught exiting an adult store with risque films in tote. I suppose if you’re a famous chef known for bashing on the “King, the Clown and the Colonel,” that’s a pretty appropriate feeling. But, we also know how delicious fast food can be, even for those of us with the best intentions. This just means Bourdain is human!

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Then again, he says the one fast food place he’ll never visit again is Johnny Rockets. This is what has been designated as the saddest meal of his life. I feel bad for the business with that description!

Bourdain recollects visiting a Johnny Rockets at an airport once, where he said this saddest meal took place. He ordered and watched a line of crew members grab some cold fries, without even dipping them in the grease, throw a cold patty on a bun and throw a flimsy pickle on there before sliding the tray over and watching for his reaction. “Not a fan,” he finishes. Can’t say I blame him on that one.

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