Amazon To Expand Its Store-Brand Offerings


By Cooking Panda

Amazon is hoping to get even more of our money by expanding its private-label offerings.

Sources told The Wall Street Journal that Amazon may be looking to expand its store-brand offerings to include more food products and household items, such as spices, nuts, coffee, baby food, laundry detergent, and diapers. This debut is reported to occur at the end of May or early June, and it will initially be offered only to members of Amazon Prime.

Some of the brands will allegedly have names such as Happy Belly, Mama Bear, Presto! and Wickedly Prime. The Happy Belly brand will feature food products such as tea, spices, nuts, and cooking oil, and Wickedly Prime will represent snack foods produced by Amazon. Baby products will fall under the Mama Bear brand, and home goods and detergents will be represented under the Presto! line.

As the online retailer already delivers groceries through its AmazonFresh program, expanding its private-label products to include food items is a logical next step. By undercutting major brands, customers save some money and time by ordering more products from one sole retailer, and retailers are able to produce popular items on their own to sell for higher margins.

“It’s not like this is as complex as flying to Mars,” Sucharita Mulpuro, a senior Amazon analyst with Forrester, said, according to USA Today. “This is what the club warehouses and Trader Joe’s do all day,” she said.

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Sources: The Wall Street JournalUSA Today / Photo credit: The Verge

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