Alton Brown Makes Ice Cream In Record Time


By Cooking Panda

Alton Brown has taught Stephen Colbert and his audience how he makes ice cream in 10 seconds, and it is even carbonated ice cream!

In the video below, you’ll see that Brown had a major contraption set up, and that he and Colbert joked about causing homeland security problems when traveling. If we didn’t know it was an ice cream maker, it could certainly look scary!

So the way the process works is there are two fire extinguishers set up and connected to two taped-together jugs. The ice cream flavor this time around was pumpkin spice, so the fire extinguisher on one end was filled with a gallon of pumpkin spice latte, while the other end was filled with a gas that would bring the temperature to negative 100 degrees and also carbonate the beverage coming from the other end to make 10-second carbonated ice cream.

The process appears to have possible danger attached to it, since Colbert must wear crazy long gloves (for heifer birthing) and goggles! Brown says that the process rarely goes wrong, but when it does it can get crazy … whatever that means. He seems to find the idea of it exciting, though.

This ice-cream-making process has to be performed by two people, one on each fire extinguisher, and the two must coordinate time exactly to avoid a mistake. Brown is very clear on this. He tells Colbert, don’t turn on at “1” in the “3-2-1” countdown, but just after the 1. Also it is very important that they turn off exactly at the end of the count to 10. I can’t deny I’d like to see what happens when the process is done wrong.

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Every time Colbert goes to touch something he shouldn’t, Brown very aggressively stops him from doing so. Colbert even jokes that Brown “would be a scary grandpa.” That he would. And he also has me thinking that making this 10-second carbonated ice cream should not be tried at home. Then again, maybe more professionals can give it a try and we can someday try carbonated ice cream ourselves!

Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube / Photo Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Youtube

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