All-In-One Smart Table: Cook Dinner, Keep Food Hot, Drinks Chilled (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Designers Kram/Weisshaar have developed the SmartSlab table, an all-in-one kitchen and dining room surface. Using just this table, which also includes hidden silverware and cutlery, you can cook dinner and keep dishes warm and glasses chilled, all at the same time.

The incredibly thin table surface is made of SapienStone, a sophiscated ceramic tile that is only a quarter of an inch thick, as reported by Dezeen. Induction rings in each table allow it to function as an area to prepare food while plate-sized heating regions ensure that your guests’ food remains at an ideal temperature.

“It’s really simple and it keeps the food hot,” said Clemens Weisshaar. “You need [108.5 degrees Fahrenheit], not more not less. You can put your hand on it and it won’t burn you.”

Peltier devices are available to ensure that other parts of the table can keep your drink cold, at the same time that your meal is comfortably heated.

“With the cooling you need minus five degrees Celsius to keep a glass of water or a bottle of sparkling wine cool,” Weisshaar explained. “It’s quite simple.”

The project started when Kram/Weisshaar were asked to experiment with various uses for the advanced, architectural-scale ceramic tile, which ultimately resulted in the SapienStone SmartSlab.

In addition to the heating and cooling aspects of the material, it can also be configured to include touch-control screens and Wi-Fi base stations.

“We basically treat the tile as a circuit board and attach circuits to the back so they can all be installed in the factory,” said Weisshaar.

Kram/Weisshar work with the intersection between technology and design. While the duo noticed the various innovations being made with regards to cuisine, they stated that few novelties have emerged in kitchen design.

“There’s this incredible work being done by chefs around the world, but little design work around rethinking in a more radical way how we cook and eat,” said Kram. “This is just the first investigation.”

Source: Dezeen / Photo Credit: Dezeen

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