A Black Middle School Student Was Charged And Arrested For “Stealing” Free Milk


By Cooking Panda

On May 10, student Ryan Turk, 14, went to his Virginia middle school’s cafeteria for lunch, and was subsequently handcuffed and suspended from school for allegedly stealing a 65-cent carton of milk, reports WJLA.

As it happens, however, Ryan Turk was on the school’s free lunch program, meaning that pesky 65-cent carton of milk — was free.

First things first: what is the actual definition of a “free lunch”?

Well, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is “a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day.”

The NSLP fact sheet goes on to state that schools that choose to take part in the lunch program “must offer free or reduced price lunches to eligible children.”

So, considering that Turk was allegedly in fact eligible and part of the free lunch program, one has to wonder: what was it that possessed a Prince William County Police Officer to accuse 14-year old Turk — who is black — of larceny, and then place him in handcuffs?

According to the police, Turk became disorderly upon being accused of theft; additionally, police said that Turk attempted to “conceal” his milk, and therefore not only needed to be placed in handcuffs, but then taken to the principal’s office and searched for drugs, reports WJLA.

“I yanked away from him I told him to get off of me because he’s not my Dad,” Turk said of how he reacted after the initial accusation. But as for why the drug search happened?

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“Because he was fidgety, kept pulling on the strings of his pants, and laughing when we were trying to talk to him and just wouldn’t talk,” said Shamise Turk, Ryan’s mother, as reported by WJTV.

Ryan Turk has since been charged not only with larceny — even though he was entitled to that carton of milk — but has also been ordered to appear in Juvenile Court.

“This is ridiculous… this is beyond embarrassing… he’s at home for 65 cents,” Shamise Turk said, according to WJLA. “I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m mad. It just went too far.”

WJLA reports that the school spokesperson claims that Turk’s suspension was for theft, being disrespectful, and using his cell phone in school.

“The need for disciplinary action is determined by how a student behaves throughout any given incident,” the school spokesperson said. “An appeals process is in place to ensure the fairness of any disciplinary action.”

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Sources: WJLA/WTVR, United States Department of Agriculture (2) / Photo Sources: never_monday/Instagram

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