A Bacon Truck Caught Fire Causing What We Imagine Was A Delicious-Smelling Freeway Shutdown


By Cooking Panda

Drivers around Cumberland, Maryland, had an unfortunate delay on their way home from Labor Day weekend vacations on Sept. 5. A tractor trailer full of bacon, ribs and other pork products caught fire on the road.

While we have to admit, this was probably a delicious-smelling accident, the Associated Press reports that it caused a whopping six hour-long delay! Imagine how hungry you’d get sitting in your car smelling bacon for six hours on the Interstate — from 6 p.m. to midnight. No, thank you.

The Cumberland Times-News reports that tractor trailer accidents actually occur pretty often in this area, possibly because of the hills. Cumberland Fire Department Captain Steve Grogg said he’s just glad it wasn’t toxic, hazardous materials that were burning this time.

“Just for our crew, this is the third tractor-trailer fire we’ve had in the city in the past two weeks,” said Grogg. The others occured near the Greene and Johnson Street exits.

“They all happen eastbound, coming down the mountain,” Grogg added. “The brakes get hot, catch on fire and it spreads into the trailer.”

Luckily, there were no injuries, even though the fire grew to be pretty large, and it took an additional 10 volunteer fire departments and six hours to put it out! There was even a fire hose that was damaged beyond repair from getting too much bacon grease on it.

Fire departments included those from Corriganville, Ellerslie, District 16, LaVale, Baltimore Pike, Cresaptown, FWiley Ford, lintstone, Ridgeley, and Allegany County. You know it’s a big deal if emergency response is coming from as far away as Baltimore.

I wonder if any of the food was spared? It seems to me that the brave and hard-working firefighters deserve a delicious pork dinner after all of their efforts, and you can’t tell me they weren’t craving bacon. Anyhow, Cumberland’s late-night diners probably got a serious midnight pop.

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Sources: Associated Press, Cumberland Times-News / Photo credit: JD Foods

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