9 Mindblowing Rice Desserts To Sweeten Up Your Weekend On The Cheap


By Cooking Panda

There is a very special ingredient that is probably already in your kitchen and needs to start finding its way into more desserts.

Grab that bag of rice and get to work, because we have some truly delicious and, for the most part, pretty simple recipes that won’t cost you too much but will definitely sweeten up your weekend.

1. Basic Rice Pudding Recipes

Plus a ton of variations. Long grain or short, white or brown, your rice pudding will be outstanding if you follow this template.

2. Horchata 3 Ways: Almond, Coffee, Coconut

We know that horchata is one of the most delicious dessert beverages of all time, and we’ll never turn down the classic drink. But if you want to mix it up a little, here are some really yummy ways to do so.

3. Torrejas de Arroz (Rice Pancakes)

This Chilean dish has the most satisfying texture, and it’s a lot healthier and more exciting than regular ol’ pancakes. Do it!

4. Rice Pudding with Lavender and Grated Bosc Pear

Lavender and subtle yet floral Bosc pears complement each other perfectly in this rich, fluffy rice pudding.

5. Rice Pudding Ice Pops

Love rice pudding? Try this frozen, refreshing spin on the classic.

6. Classic Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Thick and creamy, this rice pudding takes on some amazing flavors from cardamom, saffron and sliced pistachios.

7. Colombian-Style Rice Pudding

If you only have long grain rice on hand, try out this thick, creamy version. You’ll love it.

8. Wild Rice And Dried Cranberry Cookies

Not only is this spin on oatmeal raisin cookies super delicious, it’s also vegan. Woo!

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9. Coconut Rice Pudding Brulee

Combine all your favorite desserts by brulee-ing your rice pudding. Genius, right?

Featured Photo Credit: Dominican Cooking

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