82 Percent Of Americans Think That Burgers Are Nutritious


By Cooking Panda

No one can deny that burgers are delicious. After all, there’s a reason that McDonalds is one of the world’s most popular fast food chains and diners are content to wait hours for a table at Chicago’s Au Cheval restaurant—named the home of America’s best burger by Bon Appétit magazine.

However, it’s also a widely known fact that burgers aren’t exactly a health food. Sporting a hunk of fatty meat ensconced by a sugar-filled bun and frequently accompanied by such condiments as cheese and mayonnaise, it’s fairly obvious that burgers are better suited for cheat days than diets.

Or so we thought.

A recent study by Mintel, a market research agency, found that a full 82 percent of Americans believe that burgers are “a good source of nutrients.” The company questioned 1,767 U.S. adults who had eaten a burger at a restaurant in the past three months, and the results were just as alarming as they sound. Considering that our nation is facing an obesity epidemic, it’s not exactly comforting to learn that such a high percentage of Americans are so woefully misguided about nutritional guidelines and food.

There is some good news, however. According to the same Mintel study, almost half of Americans are also interested in seeing an increase in non-beef burger options on our nation’s menus. Unfortunately, while non-beef burgers, including chicken and turkey, are typically more nutritious than their beef counterparts, it is unclear if this survey result is indicative of a genuine desire for healthier dining options or simply America’s prevailing love for all things burger.

Either way, there’s no question that burgers are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Next time you decide to treat yourself, however, keep in mind that no matter which way you try and spin it, burgers are not a health food. Sorry America.

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Sources: ViceBon Appétit / Photo credit: Burger Burger

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