8 Stupendously Refreshing Champagne Cocktails


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes you just need something bright, crisp and bubbly – and let’s face it, champagne is virtually never a bad choice when you’re drinking. In honor of Thirsty Thursday, we have some super refreshing, super delicious champagne cocktails you can make that will really delight you.

1. Champagne cocktail

Simply called the Champagne Cocktail, this is a classic. Bitters and sugar with a lemon twist really amp up the flavor and give champagne a completely new feel. You are more than welcome to float a tablespoon or so of good cognac on top!

2. Mimosa

Ah yes, the breakfast of champions. Consider adding Grenadine, Grand Marnier, or orange bitters for an exciting pop of flavor.

Similarly, you have the Bellini – Prosecco with peach puree – and the poinsettia – champagne with cranberry. The moral of the story? Mix champagne with fruit juice (grapefruit, anyone?) to your heart’s content. Want to know more about making the perfect mimosa? The link above has everything you want to know and more.

3. Death in the Afternoon

This wonderfully named drink was supposedly invented by Ernest Hemingway. His instructions say to drink three to five in one sitting, although we won’t judge you if you don’t heed his advice. Pretty tasty though.

4. Air Mail

airmail cocktail recipe

It seems that you can put rum, lime juice and honey in just about anything and it will taste good. Champagne is no exception.

5. French 75

You might have had this classic before at really fancy prohibition-style bars. Good news – it’s easy to make at home!

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6. Black Velvet

Yes, you can absolutely mix beer and champagne, and it’s delicious and refreshing. You’ll want to use Guinness or a similar dry stout for the best flavor and texture combo.

7. Barbotage

Cognac (regular brandy works fine too) and Grand Marnier is a brilliant addition to your champagne glass – give it a try!

8. Atomic Cocktail

You might not think it, but vodka, brandy and sherry are great with Brut champagne. This is a great drink if you want something a little stronger, as it can really sneak up on you. Remember to keep the flavors balanced – if you use a sweeter brandy, go for a drier sherry and vice versa. Or, you know, whatever you have lying around.

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