8 Sour Cocktails Way Cooler Than A Whiskey Sour (Recipes)


By Cooking Panda

We’re feeling a little sour today.

We absolutely adore whiskey, pisco and amaretto sours to the point that they are pretty much our go-to drinks when we go out, since they are pretty easy to come by and always taste delicious, no matter who makes them.

But when something is your go-to drink, you might eventually start to wonder what else is out there and if there is an even more delicious way to enjoy your favorite flavors, especially if you’re consuming frequently. Well, friends, we have some excellent news! We know tons of amazing sour drinks! Here are eight of them:

1. Homemade Sour Mix (Whiskey Sour)

When it’s this easy to make good sour mix, there is no reason to go buying that stuff from the store! Follow this simple recipe for all your sour cocktail needs and you’ll never go back to pre-mixed again.

2. Grapefruit Ginger Bourbon Sour

This tangy, slightly spicy sour is perfect for winter! The coolest part? You can make the ginger syrup in the microwave if your lazy side is calling to you.

3. Boston Sour

Sure, you’ve had whiskey sours, but did you know that they were traditionally shaken up with a bit of egg white back in the day? Now we call these frothy, light and delicious drinks Boston sours. If you love the more common egg white-free kind, you’ll need to give these recipes below a try!

4. Forbidden Sour

Craving something a bit fruity? Give this pomegranate take on the whiskey sour a chance for a tangy treat.

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5. 1870 Sour

Sweet Meyer lemon juice, woody maple syrup, fluffy egg whites, tart red wine and fruity blueberry jam make for an unexpected but deliciously harmonious combination. There’s no going back after this one, folks.

6. Grapefruit Habanero Margarita

Sour AND spicy! Make the habanero simple syrup in advance (that way you can taste as you go and make it as spicy or mild as you like) and impress all your friends.

7. New York Sour

The best way to mix up your whiskey sour with a gorgeous color and rich, deep flavor? Float a bit of red wine over the top. Fancy!

8. Honey Tangerine Whiskey Sour

With soothing, floral honey, smoky whiskey and fresh, tart tangerine juice, this drink is a real crowd pleaser. Make it in large batches and swap out the whiskey for a nice, peaty scotch, and you’ll have a treat that will impress all your guests.

Featured Photo Credit: Patricia Bozeman/Rhubarbarians

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