8 Shameless, Fully Loaded Chocolate Cupcake Recipes


By Cooking Panda

We love chocolate cupcakes so much, we’d marry them if we could. Fluffy, rich chocolate topped with light, fudgy frosting is just to die for. And we know we aren’t the only ones who feel this way, since somebody loved chocolate cupcakes so much that they dedicated an entire day — Oct. 18 — to the indulgent chocolate treats.

We certainly can’t pass up an opportunity to celebrate, so we combed the internet for you for our favorite ultimate, shamelessly loaded chocolate cupcakes that you should whip up ASAP. Enjoy!

1. Super Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes

If you want a classic PERFECT chocolate cupcake, you’ve come to the right place. This recipe will give you a moist, flavorful and fluffy bite that won’t crumble on you, complete with rich fudge buttercream frosting to seal the deal.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Combine two of the best desserts ever! Don’t skimp on freezing the cookie dough, and don’t overbake these guys and you’ll have the most moist, delicious cupcakes ever. If you want to go the route of dark chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting, try this version instead.

3. Mudslide Cupcakes

Your favorite boozy milkshake just got turned into a cupcake, and it’s just as, if not more, delicious. How do you feel about that? Tipsy yet?

4. Rocky Road Cupcakes

These walnut-chocolate cakes are loaded with marshmallow fluff stuffed right into the middle for the perfect medley of scrumptious flavors and textures, just like the ice cream.

5. Triple Chocolate Jack Daniels Cupcakes

Sneaking a little booze into your baked goods every now and again may or make not make you a little tipsy (honestly, it probably won’t), but it will definitely kick up the richness and depth of flavors in these TRIPLE CHOCOLATE cupcakes to add that extra je ne sais quoi.

6. Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes

We love cupcakes that are crammed full of all of our favorite things. And honestly, how could cheesecake and chocolate cake not be amazing together?

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7. Kahlua Chocolate Cupcakes

If you’re a Kahlua lover but haven’t tried adding a glug of the stuff to your chocolate desserts, you must start now! You’ll love what the deep, complex boozy coffee notes do to these.

8. Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes

Every chocolate cupcake is just begging to be upgraded to these handsome, silky chocolate hazelnut wonders topped with creamy mile-high frosting and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

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