8 Fantastic Beer Desserts You Need To Try (Recipes)


By Cooking Panda


We love our yeasty, malty, crisp alcohol friend that can be light, dark, heavy, sweet, sour, bitter and/or refreshing, depending on your selection. There’s nothing quite like a thirst-quenching lager, pilsner or pale ale on a hot day — except perhaps for a thick, dark cask-matured stout on a cold day.

There’s a brew for just about every occasion — and every meal, from pizza to ice cream — and we will sing beer’s praises forever. Plus, cooking with it is nearly guaranteed to immediately improve whatever dish you are making, especially if it’s a dessert. 

Don’t believe us? Make one of these recipes and you’ll be a beer dessert convert in no time:

1. Beer Bread Pecan Rolls

Not only does swapping out the yeast for beer cut down on time, but it also infuses your dough with a nice, deep maltiness. If you want to double up on flavor, feel free to use a dessert-flavored ale.

2. English Pub Toffee

Beer, bacon and pretzels team up for an absolutely delicious sweet spin on your usual pub staples.

3. Summer Shandy Cupcakes

Looking for a little bit of a different way to add an exciting, bright twist to your cupcakes? Dump in a little bit of shandy — half beer, half lemonade — for a subtle zesty complexity to these fluffy treats.

4. Beer Doughnuts with IPA Lemon Curd

If you’ve never made your donuts with beer, you should absolutely start. The rich, yeasty flavors are absolutely brilliant in fried cakey donuts, and citrus-packed IPA is the perfect complement to the thick lemon curd filling.

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5. Blackberry Peach Saison Galette

Mild yet full-bodied and sometimes even a little sweet, a few spoonfuls of your favorite saison go stunningly well with that complex peach flavor for the most sophisticated tart-like creation you’ve ever made.

6. No Bake Pretzel and Bourbon Beer Balls

Ok, if you have a barrel-aged stout, the last thing you might want to do with it is donate half a cup to making a dessert, but it really is worth it. If you can’t get your hands on a barrel-aged beer, feel free to use the same amount of any sweet, thick and rich stout. If you want the bourbon flavor, you can add a spoonful of actual booze.

7. Grilled Apricot Saison Shortcakes with Ginger Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Grilled stone fruit is always just perfect! It gets this excellent caramelization going, which gives it a unique texture and makes your dessert look stunning. If you don’t have apricots handy, swap them out for peaches, pears, apples, plums or nectarines.

8. Oatmeal Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Sandwiches

Really, what more can you want than a hybrid oatmeal cream pie and alcoholic ice cream sandwich? Top it with a little warm butterscotch sauce and you’ll be in heaven.

Featured Photo Credit: The Bojon Gourmet

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