74-Year-Old Serves Churchgoers Weed-Laced Cookies


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Look, we know that it’s sort of a cultural trope that people sometimes find church services rather dull. Young children, in particular, are often seen in movies and television shows adamantly objecting to going to church on Sunday. But that doesn’t mean something like this should ever, ever happen.

We don’t know what 74-year-old Brian Jones was thinking when he brought in cookies to a morning service at St. John’s the Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington, Indiana, in May 2016. But we’re pretty sure he didn’t think his actions through very well, because these weren’t just any old chocolate chip cookies — they were cookies laced with THC, which resulted in six congregation members being hospitalized.

According to IndyStar, the six members all experienced terrible side-effects after consuming the cookies, including nausea, anxiety, sluggishness and lethargy.

For those who have had experience with marijuana edibles before, this might not come as any surprise. For those who have not partaken, however, it is apparently common knowledge in the edible-eating world that eating an entire weed-laced cookie pretty much guarantees that you’re going to have a bad time. All six of the church members who were sent to the emergency room tested positive for cannabinoids (the active compounds found in marijuana), which is no big shock.

IndyStar reports that Jones had an interview with police, and while he claimed that he did, in fact, make the cookies himself the night prior, he had no clue that he was adding any kind of illegal substance to his sweet, sugary batch.

Unfortunately for Jones, however, police then obtained a search warrant for his Bloomington residence, and subsequently discovered that there was an orange pill bottle there, which contained capsules of a brown, oily substance — a substance that tested positive for marijuana.

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Obviously, this pretty much contradicted Jones’ claim of ignorance, and he later turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

IndyStar reports that Jones faces preliminary charges both of possession of hash oil, and criminal recklessness.

Sources: IndyStar / Photo Credit: MyName/Instagram

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