7 Pie Recipes You Should Cook Up For Pi Day


By Cooking Panda

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

The nerdiest, yet most delicious, day of the year is here, and we are so thrilled to enjoy number-related festivities while eating pie on 3.14!

Sure, you can argue that, technically, pi and pie don’t have much in common besides being homonyms, but we humbly ask you to suspend your disbelief for the moment, because:

1. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pies are usually circle-shaped. BAM.

2. Both are a lot of fun.

3. We only need half an excuse to eat pie! It’s just so tasty!

If you really want to tie things together, why not decorate a pi pie? This guide will teach you everything you need to know if, for example, you want to eat the first couple hundred digits of pi (or hopefully something a little less ambitious, for your sake, since it will be hard to fit 3.14159265… onto a single pie!)

Anyway, whatever your stance on Pi Day, you should totally whip up these delicious treats today!

1. Eggnog Cream Pie


Hang onto those last remnants of winter while you can by letting store-bought eggnog live its best life.

2. Honey Lemon Chiffon Pie

This deliciously refreshing pie is so adorable that you might be nervous about decorating it. Don’t be. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create something so cute and tasty!

3. Irish Cottage Pie


Similar to Shepherd’s Pie, this mashed potato-topped ground beef and veggie recipe is exactly the savory pie you are looking for. The perfect Pi Day dinner!

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4. Pretzel Pie


These hand pies are another fun savory option, and the individual portions make them a great on-the-go option.

5. Coffee Ice Cream Hot Fudge Sundae Pie With Macaroon Crust


You read that correctly … an ice cream sundae pie! Dreams really do come true. Use your favorite flavor of ice cream, and feel free to mix and match — just make sure to keep the exciting, fun rainbow sprinkles on top.

6. Bourbon Banana Cream Pie


We love banana cream pie, but it’s time to switch it up a little! Add an extra rich depth to your light, fully banana pie by mixing in some booze! By the way, if you want to mellow out the bourbon’s punch, mix it in while you’re making the pudding, so that you can cook out the alcohol.

7. Triple Berry Slab Pie

Sure, a non-circular pie on Pi Day goes against everything we’ve been talking about, but this easy, fruity pie is tasty enough that we hope you’ll forgive us once you take your first bite.

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