7-Eleven Debuts New Blue Raspberry Slurpee Donut For Shark Week


By Cooking Panda

When it comes to food, everybody has a preference.

I have always been a fan of strawberry jam; my older sister, on the other hand, tends to gravitate toward grape. The brave amongst us prefer their coffee black, while others take it with cream (and others still with… pea milk?)

Still, if there’s one dining tendency that has the ability to unite us all, it’s humankind’s collective love of dunking various food items into beverages. Cookies and milk were made for each other; our friends across the pond pair their digestives with tea; and everybody knows the classic combo of donuts dunked in…


Forget coffee. 7-11 is known for its frozen Slurpee drinks (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who used to stop by every day after middle school to grab one with friends), and now its signature icy beverage has taken on a new form: the Slurpee Donut.

While the chain has been offering a wild-cherry version of the treat since March 2016, it is now debuting its Blue Raspberry-flavored sibling, in early honor of Shark Week. 

Like its Wild Cherry predecessor, the Blue Raspberry Slurpee Donut is a frosted cake donut with the same taste-profile as its Slurped-Counterpart. The donut is then sprinkled with blue-colored sugar crystals for some additional icy, crunchy texture.

The chain is offering up a deal for both the Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors: If you want to sample one of the treats for yourself, you can pick up both a ring donut and any size of coffee for $2.

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Additionally, Brand Eating reports that 7-11 will be selling both shark cups and shark straws leading up to the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week television period, which begins this year on June 26.

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Source: Brand Eating / Photo credits: 7-Eleven, 7-Eleven/Brand Eating

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