19 Gifs That Prove Thanksgiving Food Is The Actual Best


By Cooking Panda

The air is chilly and crisp, the trees are shedding their crunchy multi-colored leaves, and we can just about smell that turkey roasting in the oven. And that means it is just about time for one of the best days of the year.


Time for football, loved ones, and stuffing your belly to full capacity.

And, most importantly, the star of the show: TURKEY!

What’s better than a juicy, flavorful tender bird with a nice crisp skin?

NOT MUCH, we say! Especially when it has a lovely, crunchy herby crust…

We would absolutely love a slice just about now…

And don’t forget that green bean casserole! You can’t go wrong with those yummy crunchy fried onions.

Even Brussels sprouts taste heavenly this time of year…

But whatever you do, don’t forget the carby motherload that is stuffing!

Rivaled only in carby heavenliness by the starchy, creamy wonder of mashed potatoes.

And then there’s the mac and cheese. You can never EVER go wrong with mac and cheese…

Eat whatever you want, just as long as you smother gravy all over your feast fit for royalty.

But don’t forget to scoop a ton of sweet/tangy cranberry sauce on the side as well. You’ll need something to cut through all the wonderfully rich and heavy savory dishes.

Or, if you prefer the good old American way of eating things that are both questionable and delicious, you might slice this up instead:

And then there’s this little angel of a dish, speaking of perfectly sweet Thanksgiving sides:

Or, as we like to call it, pie foreplay. Because you know what is coming after you finish your sweet potato casserole and gear up for the big finale.

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Or, if you prefer, THIS.

Or both, if you’re lucky! Whatever is on the table, we should all be thankful to share it with loved ones.

Happy eating!

Featured Photo Credit: Sharon & Winter/Instagram

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