18 Gifs That Prove Cheese Is The Meaning Of Life


By Cooking Panda

Cheese is more than just a snack. It is a hobby. It is life.

Sure, grilled cheese is super delicious. We’ll never contest that.

Look at this melty goodness.

But let’s be real here. The bread is just a vessel for the cheese. It’s an excuse, really. We know what you really want.

You want gobs of melty cheese scooped onto your plate. Are we right, or are we right?

I mean, who could pass up a nice huge handful of brie?

Certainly not us!

Or maybe you like it a little sweeter? There’s no shame in that.

Look at this beautiful grated stuff that’s just asking to be eaten off the cutting board. But if you are patient, you will wait, because this isn’t even its final form.


Sweet heavens above, look at this melty delight.

Spoon it all on there, baby.

One day we’ll be as cool as this guy and get our own massive cheese wheel. We will not share it.

Just dump your pasta straight into the cheese wheel and cut out the middleman.

No more awkwardly apologizing while the Olive Garden guy grates a whole block of cheese onto your pasta.

Go ahead. Light it on fire if you are so inclined.

Because it’s all about that cheese. Dump it all on that plate.

More cheese, please.

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Featured Photo Credit: Marco Polo Ristorante/Yelp

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