17 Sublime, Gooey Grilled Cheese Gifs


By Cooking Panda

I can’t help it — I have an addiction to grilled cheese.

Am I the only one that would prefer this gooey, oozy, crispy sandwich over just about anything else?

I can see myself on a hot date on the beach with this smoldering toasted beauty.

It all starts here, with these gorgeous ingredients, which are stupendous on their own but come together to create a supersandwich that is even better than the sum of its parts.

Slice that cheese nice and thick!

Then stack it on your favorite bread. Yasssss!

And then it goes on the grill!

Make sure you cook them with copious amounts of butter or mayonnaise (seriously, try it!) to give them that nice crispy crust. Mmmm….

Once it’s nice and toasty and melty, it’s ready to eat. I’m so excited….

And then the magic happens:

Watch the way this cheese just oozes:

Too much cheese? NEVER!

These are some next level cheese strings!


You can swap out anything you want for the bread — even mac and cheese. Dream big, friends.

That’s more like it!


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Featured Photo Credit: USA TODAY College/Instagram

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