17 Gooey Chocolate Gifs You’ll Want To Swim In


By Cooking Panda

Let’s talk for a second about how amazingly perfect melty, rich chocolate sauce is.

It really is the best, and it makes EVERYTHING better. It’s so good that I could see myself happily drowning in a chocolate river like Augustus Gloop.

I mean, why was everyone so worried? Why did no one anticipate this? If it were me, I’d drink as much chocolate as I could and happily float down the river for the rest of my days.

Then again, I also relate to this bird:

Am I the only one? I mean LOOK how incredible this thick, liquid fudge is. How could you not want to dive straight into that?

Or this chocolate fountain! I’d probably hold either a cup or a giant piece of chocolate under that smooth, delicious curtain of happiness, but this marshmallow/strawberry skewer does look tasty.

or break that up into multiple skewers so that you can have even more fun dipping over and over.

But why stop there? Dunk EVERYTHING into this magical fountain.

Or drizzle it over some ice cream to make the best dessert EVEN BETTER.

Bonus points if it’s warm fudge atop an otherwise frozen sundae, and you get the optimal hot/cold marriage.

Or pour the smooth glaze over a warm cake if you want. I won’t stop you!

Bake it into a cake so that it oozes out oh-so-gloriously when you take a bite.

This person is doing it wrong. That chocolate is supposed to be going into my mouth.

I like to imagine that this person licked their fingers right after this gif. That’s what I would do.

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Drizzle chocolate on EVERYTHING.

And of course, I’d never turn it down in liquid form either.

Gooey chocolate is the best chocolate.

Featured Photo Credit: Peter Pearson/Flickr

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