17 Enchanting Pasta Gifs For Hump Day


By Cooking Panda

1. Pasta is basically the best thing in the world.

2. It comes in all shapes and sizes and sauce varieties, and that is pretty much the best part.

3. Carby strands are basically the perfect vehicle to get sauce and cheese into our mouths.

4. Whether you prefer to slurp your noodles…

5. Or twirl them…

6. You deserve a big heaping bowl of spaghetti.

7. Look at this endless cheese!

8. Keep grating that cheese until your arms give out or you run out of cheese. It’s the only way.

9. Crank that pasta maker.

10. We’ve always wanted it to rain pasta. Dreams do come true.

11. Look at these noodles boiling sensuously! They are almost ready to eat.

12. Toss it with some sauce and you’re good to go.

13. All spaghetti is beautiful.

14. Extra meatballs, please!

15. Maybe an egg on top?

16. Twirl that pasta baby!

17. Go ahead, have a bite.

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Featured Photo Credit: lukysandra/Instagram

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