15 Satisfying Yolk-Breaking Gifs Because We Love You


By Cooking Panda

Are you one of those people who can hardly stand how enjoyable it is to stab your cutlery into an egg yolk and watch it ooze out?

There’s just something supremely satisfying about watching that thick, creamy yolk ooze out all over your food.

I mean look:


It just makes everything taste so much better — especially on a burger, when you get that thick, fatty coating on your tongue as you chew …

And of course, fried eggs improve every breakfast skillet by at least 100 percent …

It angers us that we aren’t smothering a generous helping of this delectable dish all over that toasted bread right now …

What is this, an eggy MEAT TOWER???? Dreams really do come true.

If you’re strictly into yolks, consider spending all your money on this entrancing gadget — and then inviting us over!

Just what do you use such lovely yolks for? How about a rich spaghetti carbonara??

Or some sweet custardy yolks? YUM.

Honestly, we don’t even know what that last one is, but we’ll take it … along with a beautiful fried egg mosaic, for your viewing pleasure:

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a nice scramble …

Can’t you feel the anticipation flipping this toad-in-a-hole? Just wait until the egg is perfectly cooked, so you can stab right into it and watch the thick, orange yolk ooze out onto your plate!



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Featured Photo Credit: AD/Instagram

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