15 GIFs That Prove Chocolate Is The Best Thing Ever


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes when you’re craving dessert, there’s only one thing that will do — a big hunk of pure chocolate goodness.

It’s just exactly what you need sometimes.

Plus, it wards off Dementors, so that’s always a plus.

Vanilla? nah!

I mean, vanilla is pretty nice, but can you really do any better than a gorgeous ball of chocolate? I think not!

It’s basically a fact.

Because LOOK:

Plus, chocolate is totally “healthy.”

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away, I think they say.

Something like that, anyway …

What’s the best way to make hazelnuts better? Dunk them in chocolate. OBVIOUSLY.

Maybe you just want a straight up slab of chocolate. I can respect that.

Or perhaps you’d like to melt it down and dunk stuff in it. It’s all good.

Because don’t forget that WONDERFUL things happen with melted chocolate.

Whatever your preferred form is — milk, dark or even (gasp) white, enjoy your chocolate!

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Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay

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