13 Novelty Shaped Pastas That Will Make Carbo Loading Even More Fun


By Cooking Panda

Your favorite Kraft mac and cheese boxes were the ones with shaped noodles: Spongebob characters, Star Wars figures. So why should your adult pastas be limited to long strings or the occasional bow tie? Answer: They should not.

We’ve compiled a list of the best novelty shaped pastas for the nights when spaghetti simply won’t do. You’re quite welcome.

1. Lucky Pasta

Carbo load before St. Patty’s Day festivities, or enjoy any time you need a little extra luck.

2. Flamingo Pasta

It’s everyone’s favorite pink specimen that stands on one leg, edible in vegetarian form. It’s a gift you never knew you wanted.

3. Peace, Love & Happiness Pasta

Sometimes we all need a hearty bowl of good vibes.

4. Lobster Time Pasta

Lobster linguine? How about lobster with lobsters?

5. Margarita Time Pasta

It might not make you drunker, but it’ll make sippin’ on a marg even more enjoyable.

6. Three Little Bears Pasta

Make like Goldilocks and hang with three little bears for dinner.

7. Dog Lover’s Pasta

So great that the only thing we’d change is the label: “pasta with pawsinality.”

8. Princess Pasta

It’s got castles, crowns and princesses. Whip up a delicious pasta salad for the most bountiful princess party ever.

9. Penguin Pasta

March of the pastas.

10. Christmas Tree Pasta

The most wonderful meal in the world for the most wonderful time of the year.

11. Gymnastics Pasta

If you can’t join the Olympics gymnasts, eat ’em.

12. Ocean Adventures Pasta

The best “ocean shapes” are made with real tomato and spinach.

13. Space Adventures Pasta

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