11 Surprisingly, Stupidly Good Savory Donut Recipes


By Cooking Panda

Crullers. Fritters. Old-fashioned. Cake. Twist. Glazed. Jelly-filled.

Just the thought of donuts probably sends you into a tizzy and makes you simultaneously drool and praise whoever had the ingenious idea to basically deep-fry cake. I mean, seriously. Whatever style and flavor of donut comes to mind when you’re craving one, odds are that it is something decadently sweet and sugary.

But have you ever tried a savory donut? It’s just as bad for you (don’t worry), but instead of glazing your fried delight with sugar or filling it with cream, you can smother it in cheese and garlic or stuff it full of hamburger. A treat as top-notch as a donut deserves to be given both the sweet and savory treatment!

Not convinced? Here are some awesome cheesy, spicy, herby savory donut flavors creations that will win you over:

1. Cheddar Jalapeno Green Onion Donut

These are baked, so let’s just pretend they are healthy.

2. Mac N Cheese Donuts

This is basically deep-fried mac and cheese. There’s really nothing else that needs to be said besides MAKE IT.

3. Kale And Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Donuts

Kale on a donut, are you freaking kidding me? No, this is very, very serious. And it is surprisingly delicious. Kind of like an herby bagel, but softer and more fried-tasting.

4. Baked Cream Cheese And Herb Donuts

These donuts are beautifully versatile. Don’t have rosemary? Use any dried or fresh herb you have on hand. Want them vegan or gluten free? There’s an option for that. You can even turn these into muffins if you don’t have donut molds.

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5. Mini Cheese Donuts

These donuts are actually super versatile, despite the fact that they are full of savory cheese. If you want to go a little sweeter, you can totally fill them with cheddar or any other favorite cheese and then top with glaze, because sweet cheese is the best thing ever.

6. Donut Monte Cristo Sliders

The fried, melty ham and cheese Monte Cristo sandwich is just begging for you to put it on something sweet. You must heed its call.

7. Bacon and Green Onion Doughnuts with Goat Cheese Frosting

These superstars are made from cornbread batter and go beautifully with a nice bowl of chili. So in other words, they are perfect.

8. Bacon Donut Burger

A sweet and salty heart attack? WORTH IT.

9. Cheddar Sriracha Cornbread Donuts

Enjoy these hearty, spicy, cheesy donuts on just about any occasion. Want something a little sweeter? Try these scrumptious Sriracha maple donuts instead.

10. Grilled Cheese Crescent Donuts

Crisp, buttery, flaky crescent pillows filled with layers of melty cheese: simply delicious. The best part besides the taste? All you need are two ingredients. TWO.

11. Mini Pizza Donuts

Nothing to see here, just two of our favorite foods combined.

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