11 Gooey Desserts To Keep You Warm This Weekend


By Cooking Panda

Springtime is here! More fruit is in season, and everyone is gearing up for summer. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the weather is going to cooperate. So for those rainy, dreary days, here are some warming, gooey desserts that you can snuggle up with under a blanket.

1. Peach Bread Pudding With Warm Brown Sugar Sauce

Can’t choose between bread pudding and peach cobbler? Have both!

2. Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Looking for a warm evening drink that won’t keep you up half the night? Try this decadent, super easy to make white hot chocolate for a twist on the classic.

3. Mexican Chocolate Rice Pudding

The only thing more comforting than rice pudding is adding chocolate to it.

4. Chai Poached Pears With Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Want something a little lighter without having to make a sacrifice? Then you’ll love these chai poached pears. They are so tender and flavorful that they’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Nutella Creme Brulee

A gooey Nutella center takes this creamy and velvety caramelized custard to a whole new level.

6. Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast

French toast is so much more than a breakfast food. It’s time to maximize its potential by adding chocolate and serving it for dessert.

7. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Because sometimes when the weather’s dreary, you need something more than just a warm dessert – you need a molten one!

8. Berry Sweet Empanadas

If you don’t regularly make sweet empanadas, you are majorly missing out. Use any fruit you like. Apples or peaches would be great, too.

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9. Easy Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Because who can ever turn down a homemade churro when they are this easy to make?

10. Sticky Toffee Pudding

To be honest, sticky toffee pudding might just be Britain’s greatest contribution to the world.

11. Bananas Foster 

Like you needed an excuse to light something on fire.

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Featured Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman

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