10 Tropical Tiki Drinks You Should Make For Thirsty Thursday


By Cooking Panda

It’s time for some tiki drinks! Classic cocktails never go out of style, but if you find yourself in a rut serving up the same rum and Coke for every Thirsty Thursday, why not mix it up with some tropical cocktails? A few decorations, a few new ingredients, and some spicy grilled shrimp is really all you need to have an amazing evening with some truly delicious, sweet, spiced drinks that pack a serious punch.

Note that most tiki drinks are super strong, so plan your night accordingly.

1. Mai Tai

The ultimate classic tiki drink, the mai tai is a go-to for good reason. Perfectly sweet, tangy and fresh, this is a great place to start if you are new to tiki drinks.

2. The Original Zombie

There’s a reason this spiced drink is called the Zombie – it is so powerful, it could bring you back from the dead!

3. The Ancient Mariner

The allspice and grapefruit flavors really shine in this perfectly balanced spiced libation. Plus, the name is really cool.

4. Fog Cutter

With rum, gin and brandy, this drink is kind of like the tropical Long Island, but the mint and orgeat (almond-flavored syrup) make it soooo much tastier.

5. Tangaroa

Amaretto, lime and a cinnamon stick really bring out some great flavors in the mango puree. Even if you aren’t crazy about mango drinks, you might like this one.

6. Mango Basil

Exactly how it sounds – a truly refreshing drink that’s a little lighter on the alcohol if you’re looking to pace yourself.

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7. Mr. Bali Hai

Putting in a little bit of coffee or Kahlua might sound a little odd, but it gives the drink a super interesting, complex pop of flavor. Give it a try with some homemade Kahlua.

8. Painkiller

Kind of like a pina colado, but so much cooler, spiced and more complex.

9. Chief Lapu Lapu

Because why on earth would you not drink a delicious passion fruit cocktail named after one of history’s greatest badasses?

10. Bahama Mama

With the mix of coffee, coconut, pineapple and SO MUCH RUM, how can anyone turn this one down?

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