10 Of Our Favorite Cider Cocktails To Get You Ready For Fall


By Cooking Panda

It’s finally fall! Regardless of how you feel about PSLs, Autumn has some great spiced, stone fruity, complex flavors to offer. Here are some of our favorite cocktails you can make with cider (apple and the hard stuff) to keep you going as the weather gets crisp and cool:

1. Snakebite

If you’re into mixing your beers, you might have heard of this half beer (usually lager) and half cider concoction. Like it a little darker? Mix cider and Guinness for a Black Velvet (though it is sometimes also just called a Snakebite, depending on who you’re with).

2. Cider Sangria

Sangria is awesome, and we are dedicated to drinking it all year long. Autumn it up by replacing the wine in your white sangria with semi-dry cider, Grand Marnier and fresh ginger.

3. Warm Vanilla Cider

Bourbon, whipped cream and honey walnuts? Sign us up for this perfect dessert cocktail!

4. Pumpkin & Apple Cider Fizz

Would you drink pumpkin pie if you could? You basically can with this seasonal blend of pumpkin puree, vanilla vodka, cider and ginger beer. You’ll be in heaven.

5. Northwood #2

Mix up some rum, brandy, lemon, cider, and maple syrup because you’re worth it.

6. Young Buck

Intensify your cider with a splash of ginger beer and hibiscus syrup. You’ll get a lovely rosey color and a complex, spicy kick.

7. Mulled Cider

Mulled wine is awesome, but it can be a little heavy. Cut it with cider for a fresher taste that’s way more drinkable. Also add maple syrup, because that stuff belongs in everything.

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8. The Pom Pomme

Apple brandy and pomegranate juice – get it? A little ginger liqueur and hard cider makes it all go down nicely.

9. Maple Cider Cherry Whiskey

A little sweet, a little smoky, every bit perfect.

10. Red Witch

This is hands-down the Lord of Light’s favorite cocktail. (The Lord of Light loves black currant cordial, and we can’t blame Him one bit for that.)

Featured Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

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