10 Mind-Blowing Shrimp Taco Recipes


By Cooking Panda

Happy National Shrimp Day! The best thing about this flavor-packed seafood favorite is how quick and easy it is to cook – just sear it until it gets some color. Here are all the best shrimp recipes for Taco Tuesday:

1. Classic Shrimp Tacos with Slaw

Shrimp cooked in Mexican red sauce is a simple classic. Top it with slaw to elevate your life.

2. Chipotle Shrimp Taco with Avocado Salsa Verde

This dish is super flavorful, and the avocado perfectly complements the chipotle chili flavors.

3. Shrimp Tacos with Edamame Succotash and Avocado Crema

If you’re looking for something super fresh and healthy, this tasty dish will hit the spot.

4. Shrimp with Green Chiles and Avocado-Tomatillo Sauce

In just 15 minutes, you too can have a complex, creamy chile-packed dinner.

5. Baja Fried-Shrimp Tacos

Because sometimes you just need something crispy.

6. Garlicky Shrimp Tacos

Sun-dried tomatoes and tarragon give this garlicky shrimp some really deep flavors – you’ll love it!

7. Seafood-Chorizo Tacos

Shrimp, squid, beer and chorizo combine for a really unique, rich taste.

8. Shrimp Tacos with Pickled Red Onion Salad

It’s a proven fact that cheese and barbeque sauce make everything better, and this taco recipe is no exception.

9. Vegan & Vegetarian Shrimp

Craving shrimp but don’t partake? Make some yourself! This vegan version makes for a pretty good shrimp stand in. Use in any of the other taco recipes, or try it with this mango salsa and vegan sour cream:

10. Gluten-Free and Vegan Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa and Sriracha Sour Cream

Dairy-free sriracha sour cream is a great vegan topping for tacos, but feel free to play around with this recipe as it fits your taste, whether you want to use real shrimp, gluten or dairy.

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