10 Hacks For Leftover Pumpkin Seeds


By Cooking Panda

Like Native Americans used all parts of the buffalo, we should use all parts of the pumpkin. We scoop out the fruit for pies and raviolis and other dishes, and we carve the outside for festive decor. The seeds, with their pleasantly crunchy armor, are also not to be forgotten.

While they are tasty tossed in oil and spices and roasted in the oven, they also make excellent additions to more unexpected dishes. Here are a few ways to incorporate leftover pumpkin seeds into your next meal.

1. Turn them into candy

This recipe for pumpkin seed brittle requires only three ingredients other than the seeds: butter, brown sugar and honey, all very good things. Bring it all to a bubbly boil and pour over a pan. Let cool. Savor the crunch.

2. Roll a cheese ball in them

Why not cover everyone’s favorite holiday-party cheese with everyone’s favorite holiday seed?

3. Add them to your favorite crumble

Crumbles are all about throwing. Throwing together whatever fruit you have on hand, throwing butter and soon-to-be-crunchy things into a bowl and then throwing it all together to bake in the oven. Keep at it by throwing in some pumpkin seeds for extra crispiness.

4. Scatter them atop vegetables to impress guests

This recipe calls for asparagus and a mustard vinaigrette, but other combinations could taste just as great and make you feel equally as fancy.

5. Add them to cookies, duh

These are perfect for people who crave a nutty taste but can’t eat nuts. Pumpkin seeds, flax meal and coconut give these cookies all they flavor they need.

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6. Put them in cheddar scones

Everyone loves a cheesy, buttery scone, but the unexpected addition of pumpkin seeds will really knock them out of their seats, which is what you want at any successful gathering. 

7. Toss them into your favorite granola

Whether you like granola over yogurt or in bar form, adding pumpkin seeds is sure to be a hit. 

8. Caramelize them and sprinkle them over a cake

Pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting and pumpkin seeds caramelized in butter and sugar? Sign me up!

9. Swap them out for pine nuts in pesto

Next time you’re craving pesto in pasta or in mayo on a sandwich, whip it up using pumpkin seeds. It’s a resourceful way to stay in the fall spirit.

10. Do the classic

These instructions say to toss your nuts and seeds in olive oil, maple syrup, rosemary, paprika, red pepper flakes and salt for a sweet and spicy kick. 

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