10 Gorgeous Rainbow Desserts To Make This Weekend


By Cooking Panda

Your weekend could use some brightening up!

Rainbow stuff is the coolest. Let’s face it, rainbow food is not only insanely cool to look at, but it instantly tastes better somehow. Make the most of spring by serving up brightly colored desserts!

1. Tie Dye Cookies

Not only are these sugar cookies simply stunning, they are surprisingly easy to make and pretty tough to mess up, so this is a great one for the kids too.

2. Rainbow Petal Cake

Yes, you CAN make something this gorgeous! If you aren’t into strawberry cake mix, use your favorite cake recipe — rainbow cake on the inside would be amazing too! Recipe here.

3. Ina Garten’s Fresh Fruit Tart

If you have access to lots of great fresh fruit right now, try this stunning fruit tart. Feel to substitute out fruits depending on your personal taste and what good fruit is available.

4. Rainbow Layer Cake with Natural Food Coloring

Another slightly more natural take on the rainbow craze if you aren’t into using food coloring. If you are itching to use the artificial stuff, you are of course more than welcome to throw in a couple drops to amp up the colors – your call. Either way this cake is stunning. Use your favorite recipe for white or yellow cake as the base.

5. Rainbow Waffles/Pancakes

This recipe has a super cool tie-dye look that’s pretty foolproof. You can use the same approach with pancakes – here is how to do tie-dye pancakes.

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6. Rainbow Waffles 2

If you want your waffles to look more tidy like actual rainbows, put your colored batter into ziplock or piping bags and very neatly start with a blue circle in the middle and do tidy rings around it. You can totally do this for pancakes too.

7. Rainbow Popsicles

This refreshing treat is pretty simple to make, but it does take a lot of time, since you need to add each individual layer one at a time and freeze it. It’s the perfect project for a lazy Sunday. If you want to make a more wholesome treat, substitute each layer for pureed fruit like so.

8. Rainbow Twizzler Cake

It’s pretty much just candy and not an actual cake, but it’s so beautiful that you won’t hear anyone complaining.

9. Marbleized Chocolate Bark

If you like white chocolate, you must make this bark at once. It’s really easy, tasty and looks incredible.

10. Rainbow Cake in a Jar

This is especially great if you don’t want to make a whole cake just for yourself – nothing against that, though.

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