Pepsi Is Releasing Vanilla And Cherry Zero Flavors


By Cooking Panda

Pepsi has answered the call by launching two all new flavors. Drum-roll please…. Wild Cherry and Vanilla in ZERO Sugar! Wild cherry zero sugar isn’t totally a new product, but it is being reintroduced alongside Vanilla Zero Sugar. Pepsi has mentioned, that instead of combining the two flavors into Cherry Vanilla Pepsi they wanted each flavor to stand independently in the market. Unlike their competitor Coca-Cola, who recently launched Cherry Vanilla Coke with Zero Sugar.

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Promotions for the new products, cherry and vanilla zero sugar Pepsi flavors will begin this week. So it’s safe to say cans will start hitting shelves very very soon.  Vice President of Marketing at Pepsi Todd Kaplan said that the two new flavors are a direct response to what the fans know and love:

“We have always known that Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla have been fan favorites, so we couldn’t be more excited to now have them both available in zero sugar varieties. We are so confident that the delicious taste of each flavor stands by itself, that we developed individual spots for each flavor in the latest installment of our ‘That’s What I Like’ campaign.”

Source: Pepsi
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