People of the Internet Mac And Cheese Ice Cream exists and tastes terrible!


By Cooking Panda

When it comes to ice cream, unusual flavors are the trend! You might love chocolate and strawberry flavors, but let’s face it if you run into some uniquely twisted ice cream flavor peppered with Sour Patch Kids or balsamic or even olive oil you might raise the eyebrow of contempt, but you wouldn’t be surprised. Although when the author Chuck Wendig said he’d be trying mac and cheese flavored ice cream, to say that people were curious would be an understatement. C’mon admit it none of us wanted to taste it, but we all wanted Chuck to tell us how it tasted.

So to bring you to speed with what happened. Chuck recently shared an instagrammable photo that had the sign for mac and cheese ice cream in it and a caption that said: “This is ice cream annnnnnd should I try it?” It was more than enough to capture the attention of the keyboard warriors, more so because he documented the entire frenzy.

The social media platform users had an “I told you so” moment when he accepted that the whole thing was a “mistake”, and it wasn’t because the name, cheese-flavored ice cream, is as bad as it could be.

His final hilarious verdict “The base is amazing. Sweet-but-normally-savory-cheese is a real damn thing and I support it. But. BUT,  you cannot freeze pasta.” The post goes onto say how the frozen pasta almost broke his teeth. Um Duh!

Funny as that was, I’ll admit I too have had my share of crazy ice cream experience. I tried the one with Cheetos dust on top and not that it was terrible but, pasta? No way! If you have ever tried gummy bears on top of frozen yogurt, you can relate to what I am saying. Those little fellas get real hard, so can you imagine it all with pasta.

But if you want to be the curious cat, Chuck did mention you can get the ice cream at Owowcow in Pennsylvania. However, if you go there and at the last moment change your mind, don’t worry as I am sure they also have the good ol’ regular and tasty flavors.


Image Source: Chuck Wendig

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