People Are Raving About Walmart’s New 7-UP Cake!


By Cooking Panda

There are a lot of creative dessert choices out there. I mean, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, cannolis… and then each of those desserts come in a variety of flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, you name it! There’s a new cake flavor in town though, and it’s 7-UP. That’s right, the 7-UP you know and love as a deliciously sweet, bubbly, lemon-lime soda is now starring as a moist, fluffy, cake. Walmart is selling these and they are getting not-so-surprisingly positive feedback about it. 

7-Up isn’t as weird of an ingredient as you might think. It’s actually pretty common in baking recipes, adding much needed moisture plus a hint of lemon-lime flavor. The cake at Walmart takes the typical 7-Up cake a step further and adds a lemon-lime icing glaze on top. This can also be found at Aldi and Safeway as well, meaning it’s gotta be a popular buy! Some folks are even saying that they always buy this cake when they see it, and that it was a pleasant surprise.

When it comes to desserts, I whole-heartedly believe that they all deserve a shot, no matter how wild the ingredients may seem. Sometimes, you just really don’t have time to whip up a fresh cake from scratch, and you need to swing by the grocery store and pick something up. Next time you do, peruse the aisles and see if you spot this gem. If you do, give it a shot! Apparently, there’s an Orange Crush version as well. 

Image source: Snack Betch/Money Yahoo

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