Peeps Skillet S’mores


By Jenny Pham

Tis the season for Peeps marshmallows. These colorful duck and bunny-shaped marshmallows usually make their appearance around Easter/spring time and we’re excited for it. Chocolate lovers usually aren’t fans of these marshmallow treats, opting for Cadbury or Reese’s chocolate eggs instead, but we’re here to make their dreams come true and pair Peeps marshmallows with the beloved chocolate. Enter: Peeps Skillet S’mores.

Peeps marshmallows

To get into the Easter spirit, we are taking advantage of the colorful nature of Peeps to make this S’mores skillet more visually appealing. Starting with a chocolate base layer followed by a layer of heavy whipping cream, Peeps are the perfect cherry on top for this recipe. Once these layers are arranged in a skillet and baked to perfection, serve with graham crackers to tie together all the S’mores flavors.

heavy whipping cream


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